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Shaping the future
of beauty

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Pioneer of nutricosmetics in France, laboratoire LOUVAGNY, formerly known as laboratoire SANOFIRM, is convinced that the future of beauty lies at the crossroads of the food, health and cosmetics markets.

Since 2010, the Laboratory has been developing innovative solutions in nutricosmetics throughout the world. A unique know-how that has proved its worth, particularly in Asia, the leading consumer of nutricosmetic products.


& global integrator

Laboratoire LOUVAGNY coordinates an ecosystem of French professionals who bring together the skills of the cosmetics, food and health industries. As a privileged partner of the world’s beauty manufacturers, the laboratory provides a complete and expert response in the nutricosmetic field.


Engaged by essence

Laboratoire LOUVAGNY has surrounded itself with partners who meet the CSR commitments essential to respect the environment and human beings and to limit the expenditure of energy and natural resources

Adding value to agricultural by-products

Decrease the use of resources needed for
their productions

Working with
local partners

Meet the highest quality standards