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360° Eco-system

Laboratoire LOUVAGNY brings together a network of experts, service providers, suppliers and industrialists specialized in the nutricosmetic field. By choosing Laboratoire LOUVAGNY, our customers outsource the complete management of their projects to a single contact person who enables them to benefit from all the services required for the turnkey delivery of products ready to be put on the market.

Dynamic team,
multicultural and multilingual

The LOUVAGNY Laboratory team is made up of men and women with recognized experience and diplomas, from different cultures and mastering several languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic) to adapt and better meet the requirements of its international customers.

Accompaniment and partnership

The experience of the LOUVAGNY Laboratory has enabled it to develop a range of services complementary to the manufacture of products such as market studies, product packaging studies and regulatory analyses to effectively support its customers in the marketing process. Thanks to its expertise in nutricosmetics, the LOUVAGNY Laboratory is positioned as a true partner for your “turnkey” projects.

Design & formulation

Each formula of the LOUVAGNY laboratory is made from ingredients authorized by the regulations of food supplements in France and Europe. The LOUVAGNY laboratory sources its raw materials and packaging items according to a precise quality charter, ensuring the quality and safety of the products

Galénique des produits

Galéniques sèches


Galéniques liquides

Shots à boire


All of our manufacturing partners benefit from GMP/GMP standards, which ensures manufacturing under pharmaceutical standards.

Packaging Standard packaging can be carried out on an automatic line. The LOUVAGNY laboratory can also offer manual packaging for specific requests.

Quality and safety
The LOUVAGNY laboratory carries out the following tests on the finished product to ensure the quality and safety of the final consumer • Stability tests • Microbiological tests • Heavy metal analyses

Services & accompagnements


  • o Drafting of product labels.
  • o Registration of your products in France and support for registrations abroad.


  • o Market research
  • o Writing of scientific and marketing content by our multidisciplinary teams.
  • o Packaging: development of innovative packaging and advice on its production by our renowned model makers and cardboard makers.


  • o Drafting of your commercial tools
  • o Accompaniment at your launch events and trade shows.
  • o Training of your teams on site or by videoconference.

R&D formulation