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CSR Policy

Laboratoire LOUVAGNY is part of a CSR approach to offer its customers effective, safe and ethical products. Throughout the product production chain, from the supply of raw materials to delivery, LOUVAGNY Laboratory is committed to limiting the expenditure of energy and resources, to respecting the environment, and to respecting human beings.

With this in mind, its selection of partners for ingredients, packaging and manufacturing meets the following criteria:


Adding value to agricultural

The use of plant extracts is at the center of the formulations of the LOUVAGNY laboratory, which offers natural products. This is why Laboratoire LOUVAGNY favors ingredient manufacturers who use the co-products of their manufacturing of active ingredients for other sectors such as the agricultural, food or animal sectors.


Reduce the use of resources needed
for their production

In the context of manufacturing and asset extraction, Laboratoire LOUVAGNY favours partners at the cutting edge of technology who invest in particular in devices and machines that consume less water and electricity, and who promote the recycling of the water they use.


Working with
local partners

The partners of LOUVAGNY Laboratory are French. In order to limit transport and reduce carbon emissions. The choice of French partners also allows us to have a control on the quality of the goods because each member of the ecosystem and governed by the same regulation, the French regulation.


Social involvement
at harvest sites

The commitment of suppliers at the harvesting sites or to public utility associations is important to Laboratoire LOUVAGNY. This is why it works with suppliers who are members of the “fair for life” program or the UNESCO “man and its biosphere” program. It also chooses FSC materials that guarantee eco-responsible forest management.


Meeting quality standards

Laboratoire LOUVAGNY’s commitment to CSR is also reflected in its compliance with the strictest standards. Our partner manufacturers are all subject to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards in order to offer pharmaceutical quality products. All our active ingredients are controlled with regard to microbiology and toxicity (heavy metals, pesticides, etc.). They are GMO-free, non-ionized, with no trace of TSE/BSE. The safety of end consumers is a commitment for the LOUVAGNY Laboratory.